RRG Country: Türkiye

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  • Turkey – Marinas and Harbours

    Law# 2634 ( by Ministry of Culture and Tourism) regulates rules to build and operation of Marinas. Even private sector is encouraged to built new Marinas, permissions from more than ten authorities may take up to 5 years.

  • Turkey – Environment

    Sewage disposal forbidden in marinas and harbours. After Dec,31 2011 The new regulations of rules on exhaust and sound emissions will be strictly applied, especialy on special rare locations to protect the Caretta Caretta. In southwest Aegean coast (Gocek, Marmaris,Bodrum, …. ) new sewage disposal rules apply. Diving is forbidden in quite a number of locations with antique cities.

  • Turkey – Drivers Licences

    “Certificate of Competence for operators of Pleasure Craft”” licence is required for all private pleasure boats.”” Certificate of Competence for SHORT RANGE Radio operators”” SRC is also compulsory if you carry a VHF .

  • Turkey – Construction Standards and Certification

    For Boats built and components manufactured after May 31, 2005, Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC is in force. For commercial boats National regulations are applied. Any recreational craft registered before May 31 2005 is exempted from this directive. Ammendment 2003/44/EC will be in force starting from Jan ,2009 2’Stroke engines are not aloud to import and sales anymore after Dec,31 2011.

  • Turkey – Taxation

    8% consumer tax + 18% VAT totaling 27.4% apply for all craft to be registered under Turkish Flag. But all Turkish citizens are allowed to own a boat registered with a flag state and keep the boat in Turkish waters for five years. Nearly all prefer to have their boat registered in Delaware-USA and pay no tax at all.

  • Turkey – Health & Safety/Exposure Levels

    Styrene Levels – All building facilities using solvents are to be licensed by Ministry of Environment. (Reported April 2020)

  • Turkey – Safety Equipment

    4 types of safety equipment set is defined. Basic, Coastal, Offshore and overseas

  • Turkey – Registration

    All craft above 2.5 m need to be registered.

  • Turkey – Product Liability

    National regulations have been harmonized with EU directives.

  • Turkey – Operating Limits

    No PWC or pleasure craft is allowed to enter swimming areas,coasts of hotels, holiday villages or similar up to 200 mt.Speed at 200-300 mt from coat is 10 knots. Harbour masters are entitled to set up speed regulations. Bosporus Strait 10 knots, Canakkale Strait 15 knots.