RRG Categorie: Registration

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  • Switzerland – Registration

    All boats over 2.5m in force.

  • Hungary – Registration

    All sailing boats above 5 m length and above 10 m2 sail area and motorboats above 5 m length and 4 kW engine power needs to be registered.

  • Portugal – Registration

    National registration for all boats in force.

  • Ireland – Registration

    Required on inland waterways for engine power above 10 h.p.

  • Denmark – Registration

    Voluntarily over 5 BRT. Fee for this voluntary registration is DKK 6000.

  • Cyprus – Registration

    National regulations for all vessels in force.

  • Finland – Registration

    All boats that are 5,5 meter long or more or/and with an engine of 15 kw or more must be registered. All PWCs falling into this category must be registered too.

  • Greece – Registration

    All boats must be registered regardless of their length.

  • Netherlands – Registration

    All boats which can exceed 20km/hr national registration is required. These boats must show the registration number on both sides of the hull. The registration based on the Inland waterway directive (boats > 20m of >100 m3) can lead to 2 registration numbers. For legal reasons, boats can be registered voluntary at the Gouvernmental ‘Kadaster’.

  • Belgium – Registration

    National regulations for all boats in force. Inland Waterways: Registration (Immatriculation Card) must be fixed on the craft. Coastal Waters: For the sea you need a “Vlaggenbrief” / “lettre de pavillon”