RRG Country: Cyprus

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  • Cyprus – Styrene Levels

    No national regulations in force.

  • Cyprus – Safety Equipment

    National regulations including SOLAS in force for vessels above registered tonnage 15 tons. Regulations for High Speed Craft less than 15 tons pending.

  • Cyprus – Construction Standards and Certification

    All EU states and Norway apply Directive 1994/25/EC

  • Cyprus – Product Liability

    National regulations have been harmonised with EU directive.

  • Cyprus – Registration

    National regulations for all vessels in force.

  • Cyprus – Drivers Licences

    Coastal Waters: Law 56(I)1992 (High Speed Craft Law) Compulsory Driver Licence for any vessels of L.O.A. equal or less than 15 metres able to speed equal to above 15 knots. Detailed regulations of the above are pending.

  • Cyprus – Environment

    Law 56(I)1992 (High Speed Craft Law/Regulations) PENDING: Noise, exhaust fumes above the engine manufacturers specifications or any other environmental pollution is prohibited.

  • Cyprus – Operating Limits

    No craft is allowed to enter buoy-marked swimmers areas. High speed craft towing airborne parachute not allowed to approach less than 500 metres to object or land. Vessel towing line of airborne objects limited to 150 metres. Vessel-towed airborne objects limited in flying only when wind speed equal or less than 16 knots or according to equipment manufacturers specifications and only during daylight. High Speed Craft basic limit on carrying capacity. Age limit ? equal/above 18. General towage of waterborne and airborne objects regulations for Parliamentary approval (pending).

  • Cyprus – Marinas and Harbours

    Law 4/1977 for Marinas and Yacht Harbours regulates operation and prices. Great shortage of facilities. Government invites Private Sector to invest in specific locations after these have undergone primary environmental impact analysis/assessment carried out by the Government. Marina and Yacht Harbour construction legislation and lease agreements under rigorous consideration. All construction works on coastal zone require environmental impact analysis/assessment. No financial support for development at the moment.

  • Cyprus – Taxation

    VAT 15% on all vessels.