RRG Country: Germany

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  • Germany – Marinas and Harbours

    All new marinas and extensions to existing marinas require environmental assessment. Minimum requirements for number of toilets, showers, waste disposal, oil separation, holding tank withdrawal. Regional regulations. No financial support for development.

  • Germany – Environment

    For new boats cruising the Baltic Sea retension sytems are mandatory since 1.1.2003. Ban of using seatoilets within 12 nm according the Baltic Convention. Boats already put into service have to be equipped with retention systems since 1.1.2005. Exceptions:boats below 11,50 m length or 3,80 m beam or put into service before 1.1.1980

  • Germany – Taxation

    VAT on new boats (and all other products) 19% in force since 1 Jan 2007. Sales between private persons on used boats are VAT-free. If a dealer is involved the difference between purchase and selling price has to be charged at 19% VAT.

  • Germany – Operating Limits

    Local restrictions in force. Speed limit of 12 km/hr on canals. Restrictions for personal watercraft in force (May 95).

  • Germany – Safety Equipment

    No regulations for private boats. For Charterboats safety equipment is mandatory according the SeesportbootVO or the SportbootVVO-Binnen

  • Germany – Product Liability

    All EU states apply Directive 1999/44/EC

  • Germany – Drivers Licences

    Driving licences for all boats more than 11.03 kW in force. Additional requirements have been introduced in certain districts (e.g. Berlin, Bodensee, river Rhein).

  • Germany – Registration

    Boats used on inland waters must register with an official authority, or a user association. Boats over 15m must be registered in the official shipping-register. Fees vary according to size.

  • Germany – Health & Safety/Exposure Levels

    Styrene Exposure Levels – 20 ppm inside the factory in force. Survey required for outside the factory. (Reports July 2012)

  • Germany – Construction Standards and Certification

    All EU states and Norway apply Directive 1994/25/EC