RRG Country: Sweden

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  • Sweden – Environment

    Baltic Strategy, Helcom Agreement, came into force on 1 January 2001. New legislation came into force on 1 October 2002 requiring all pleasure craft harbours to produce and publish a waste management plan. At a HELCOM meeting in January 2004 a preliminary decision was taken to grant exceptions for pleasure craft regarding emptying of toilet tanks and toilet retention systems. From April 1 2015 a total prohibition against black water emtying.

  • Sweden – Health & Safety/Exposure Levels

    Styrene levels – 20 ppm in force for existing factories, 10 ppm required when building new ones from 2010. Outside factory limit under consideration. (Reported April 2020)

  • Sweden – Zero Emission Zones

    Two small zones in Sotckholm Archipelago, no recharge points provided. Many quiet areas across various lakesNational incentive was decided during 2018 in Sweden for electrically driven outboards including battery pack. 25% of total purchasing sum but limited to 10.000 SEK (approx. 1000 EUR). Swedish maritime Authority is underway to introduce a new regulation (during 2019) to introduce a new navigation mark to show engine/motor driven vessels prohibited. These will be valid for any type of motor (also electric) if not completed with additional text e.g. “Electric motors exempted”. Decisions to implement these in areas will be by regional authorities