RRG Country: Spain

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  • Spain – Product Liability

    EU Directive

  • Spain – Health & Safety/Exposure Levels

    Styrene Exposure Levels – 30 ppm inside and outside the factory in force.

  • Spain – Environment

    IMO Marpol emission limits in force. Now, special regulations for black waters on pleasure boats and marinas (tanks, pumps, etc.)

  • Spain – Registration

    Registration is compulsory in order to obtain a Spanish flag. All sea-going craft greater than 2,5 m in length need to be registered

  • Spain – Drivers Licences

    There are 4 different navigation licenses, depending on the length of the boat and the intended range of sailing offshore: Capit?n de Yate: Allows navigation with no length or distance limit; Patr?n de Yate: Maximum distance-60 miles. Length up to 20 mts. P.E.R.: Maximum distance – 12 mls, Maximum length – 12 m; Navegaci?n B?sica: Maximum distance – 5 mls.; Maximum length (sail) – 8 m; Maximum length (motor) – 7.5 m; No driver licences required under 5 mts. Length (sail) or 4 mts. and 11,03 KW (motor). Delimited distances by the local authority and only with sun light. From March 2002 the PWC need any of the licences described or a special brand-new one. Foreigners sailing with Spanish flag, can do so with equivalent license in their country.

  • Spain – Marinas and Harbours

    New marinas require environmental assessment from central Government, regional goverments and town council. Financial support for development in some regions. Every year it is more difficult for the construction of new marinas.

  • Spain – Construction Standards and Certification

    Directive 94/25 (now 2003/44 CE)

  • Spain – Taxation

    VAT 16% of the price on all boats and goods. If the boat purchased is pre-owned, this percentage is not applicable. Instead, a 4 % of the paid price will have to be paid for Property Transfer Tax. More than 8m in length pay the 12% at registration plus VAT. Exemption for boats under 15 meters in length and which are dedicated to charter exclusively, rowboats, or classified as Olympic sailing boats.

  • Spain – Safety Equipment

    Special zones depending on the security equipment on board.

  • Spain – Operating Limits

    Operating limits depending on the license to sail. Speed limits in force (usually 3 knots) on inland waters and in harbours. Speed limits and restricted navigation where beach traffic exists (within 300 m from coast).