RRG Country: South Africa

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  • South Africa – Operating Limits

    There are strict regulations one needs to adhere to if you wish to use a vessel offshore, after dark or for commercial purposes. The guidelines are also in Marine Notice 13 of 2011, available on the SAMSA website

  • South Africa – Drivers Licences

    All vessels over 15HP, and sailing vessels over 9m, require that the driver holds a skippers ticket, which is referred to as a Certificate of Competence. There are 5 different categories of Certificates of Competence and many of them require sea time

  • South Africa – Taxation

    In February 2012 the Department of Finance announced an Ad Valorem tax of 10% on vessels over 10m manufactured for local use and on new and used imported vessels, effective 1 October 2012. This tax has been deferred indefinitely by the South African Revenue Service.

  • South Africa – Registration

    All vessels in South Africa need to be registered with one of the four authorised agencies who handle registrations on behalf of SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority). It is a small cost and has to be renewed each year, with a special focus on the safety equiptment required.

  • South Africa – Product Liability

    Consumer Protection Act. http://www.acts.co.za/consumer-protection-act-2008/. Under this law the manufacturer, importer and distributor are liable for product default and injury sustained by a user of said product. Clear product guidelines for use and markings on vessels are required. The Motor Industry Ombudsman has been appointed to oversee consumer disputes relating to boat engines. www.miosa.co.za

  • South Africa – Construction Standards and Certification

    There are minimum construction standards and these can be found on the SAMSA website. They are not nearly as stringent as the ISO standards but do have some local nuances. http://www.samsa.org.za/sites/samsa.org.za/files/MS%20%28National%20Smal…

  • South Africa – Safety Equipment

    Each class of vessel, depending on inland vs coastal, distances to shore, each have different safety requirements and these can be found online on the SAMSA website. There are updated regulations on permitted life jackets for sale in South Africa. http://www.samsa.org.za/sites/samsa.org.za/files/MN%2024%20of%202014_201…