RRG Country: Singapore

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  • Singapore – Taxation

    7% GST applies

  • Singapore – Product Liability

    Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, or CPFTA in effect since March 2004

  • Singapore – Marinas and Harbours

    Agency or agencies handling licencing of concessions MPA https://www.mpa.gov.sg/home and URA https://www.ura.gov.sg/Corporate
    Applicable VAT for guest charges GST rate is 8%
    Agency which handles dredging MPA
    Technical standards for the construction of marinas Marinas need to be certified fit for use by a Class Society Surveyor
    Environmental impact assessments needed YES

  • Singapore – Drivers Licences

    Mandatory licensing of powered pleasure craft drivers. An advanced license is required for craft above 24 metres

  • Singapore – Registration

    All pleasure craft with engines need to be licensed https://www.mpa.gov.sg/port-marine-ops/harbourcraft-and-pleasure-craft-r…

  • Singapore – Operating Limits

    Speed restrictions as well as any local applicable area restrictions (including restrictions on waste water discharge  and fuel supply in environmentally sensitive areas)MPA publishes its own navigation charts showing prohibited areas, anchorages, chipping channels, etcWhat type of craft or engines are impacted by these restrictions? (For example PWC or above a certain HP for an outboard engine)Abv applies to all craft with engines. In addition PWC must stay 500m off the coast for the safety of swimmers 

  • Singapore – Environment

    Invasive SpeciesSG is a IMO signatory on the control of invasive speciesEmissions (exhaust, evaporative and noise)SG monitors the IMO regulations for commercial shipping. No special requirements for pleasure craftWaste Water Treatment, Waste Water Discharge and PollutantsSG monitors the IMO regulations for commercial shipping. No special requirements for pleasure craftAbandoned or EOL BoatsAll boats are lisenced in SG. Scrapping a boat and ending the lisence requires evidence of proper disposal  Sediment-Dredging Energy TransitionThe SG port’s objective is to transistion to clean energy by 2030Packaging Waste management 

  • Singapore – Design, Construction and Compliance Requirements of Boats and Components

    Sg does not have its own standard. Local authorities accept that privately owned yacht from reputable manufacturers are compliant for local lisencing. For registeration under the Sg flag the vessel has to be less than 10 years old. Charter yachts may need to be certified by a surveyor.

  • Singapore – Taxation

    Nil. Only 8% GST applies. There is no luxury goods tax

  • Singapore – Zero Emission Zones

    Is the driving factor for these zones either limiting noise, emissions (local air pollution) or have they historically been in place for a number of years?See https://www.mpa.gov.sg/maritime-singapore/sustainability/maritime-singap…Are there any incentives in place to encourage zero emissions and what type of technology is most prevalent?not announced