RRG Country: Denmark

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  • Denmark – Taxation

    VAT 25% payable on the profit of second hand boats, when professionals are selling. VAT 25% is compulsory on all new products and commercial services. 1% tax fee is compulsory on all insurances of leisure boats.

  • Denmark – Registration

    Voluntarily over 5 BRT. Fee for this voluntary registration is DKK 6000.

  • Denmark – Product Liability

    New general ban was introduced, effective from March 2001, against import and sale of physical or chemical lead in conjunction with paints, fishing equipment and other maritime products as well as non-maritime. Boat keels are not included in the ban. The implementation of the ban is planned to be complete by the end of 2004.

  • Denmark – Health & Safety/Exposure Levels

    Styrene Exposure Levels – 25 ppm inside the factory in force.

  • Denmark – Drivers Licences

    Compulsory licence for planing powerboats covering users above 16 years and boats with engines above 18 kW/25 HP and for all boats with a length above 15 m. Voluntary for users of other boats, and the sailboat certificate is approved to powerboats. For all boats where license is compulsory plus for PWC : prohibition against steering or otherwise working aboard with a blood alcohol level above 0.50 0/00.

  • Denmark – Marinas and Harbours

    All marinas, private or public, are obliged to provide collection facility, acc. to ISO standard for holding tanks ref. to the Baltic Convention.

  • Denmark – Operating Limits

    Special navigation instructions for the Oresund region.

  • Denmark – Safety Equipment

    Lifejackets must be stored onboard all vessels in sufficient numbers for all persons onboard. Not compulsory to wear a life jacket. National regulations of safety equipment on charterboats are in force.

  • Denmark – Environment

    Ban on anti fouling with TBT. Rules for release of copper from anti fouling. Ban on anti fouling with biocides postponed until 2012. On all boats built after 2000 with a fixed toilet, holding tank and possibility for collection from the deck are mandatory. This also applies to boats built after 1980 AND longer than 10.5 m AND wider than 2.8 m. Ban on emptying these tanks within 12 nm of the coast. For other boats ban on using seatoilets within 2 nm af the coast. Ban on emptying ALL toilets in marinas and harbours.

  • Denmark – Construction Standards and Certification