RRG Country: Belgium

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  • Belgium – Construction Standards and Certification

    All EU states and Norway apply Directive 1994/25/EC, as modified by 2033/44 directive. Boats outside of the directive’s scope (amateur built) need to be certified by a Belgian expert.

  • Belgium – Taxation

    VAT 21% on all goods since 1 January 1996, including pleasure craft. First Registration tax payable on new boats above 7.5m LOA when putting them in use. At each re-sale this registration tax or B.I.V. is due again and decreases by 10% per annum (with a minimum tax of 62.50EUR). When selling a used boat from a dealer to an individual, VAT is applicable.

  • Belgium – Health & Safety/Exposure Levels

    Styrene Exposure Levels – 50 ppm inside continuously in force and 100 ppm temporarily (15 min.)

  • Belgium – Operating Limits

    Pleasure craft from less than 6m LOA not allowed to leave coastal harbours at wind velocities above 4 BFT (wind from the sea) and 5 BFT (wind from the land).

  • Belgium – Registration

    National regulations for all boats in force. Inland Waterways: Registration (Immatriculation Card) must be fixed on the craft. Coastal Waters: For the sea you need a “Vlaggenbrief” / “lettre de pavillon”

  • Belgium – Environment

    All EU states and Norway apply EU Directive 2003/44/EC from 1 January 2005 which imposes new limits for exhaust and sound emissions limits. This limits will be further reduced in the coming years.

  • Belgium – Product Liability

    All EU states apply Directive 1999/44/EC: Two-year warranty for the complete craft (incl. equipments and engine). One-year warranty for second-hand boats.

  • Belgium – Drivers Licences

    Inland Waterways: Any craft > 15m and faster than 20km/h requires a license. Coastal Waters: No license is required for the sea.

  • Belgium – Safety Equipment

    The list of the mandatory safety equipment is available on the website www.mobilit.fgov.be. From 1st January 2009, all motor boats with length > 7m navigating in Belgian inland waterways (either Belgian or visiting craft) have to be equipped with 2 VHF radios (fixed or portable).