Marina Development in Eastern Germany

Germany is no paradise for marina builders

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Scarce natural surface areas have often to be sacrificed for the building of a marina. In the second place, water sports, such as sailing, surfing, motorboat riding etc., are in Germany elitist sport forms and are the privilege of a limited part of the population. The building of marinas is therefore difficult because of, on the one hand, the low standing of this sport form and, on the other hand, a multitude of legal requirements that have to be complied with. Against this, there is an increasing demand for berths and marinas in Eastern Germany. The attraction of varied and beautiful natural landscapes combined with hitherto unknown water sport districts has led to a flood of inquiries. The control of new buildings and extensions has therefore to be regarded as worthwhile. The express goal of all legal regulations for the approval of a marina is the common good (welfare) of the population and the preservation of a resilience of nature. The very densely populated and scarce land and water surface areas in the Federal Republic may only be approved for the building of marinas following a weighing-up of the objectives of the public and of nature protection against the special interests of water sports.

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