ICOMIA Contract Checklist – Edition 1.

Checklist for items to be included in Boat Design and Manufacturing Contracts or Agreements

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The idea for this checklist came from discussions within the ICOMIA Technical Committee and it seeks to address the need for more comprehensive contracts or agreements between designers and boat manufactures as well as between owners, their representatives and boat yards. Consultation took place through many different sectors of the marine industry including marine industry associations worldwide. The checklist helps address key areas that historically have resulted in disputes arising between various parties. The concept of the checklist is not to be a legal contract template but rather a list of suggested items that should be thought through before work on a project begins. It’s often difficult for the smaller sized boat manufacturers and designers to find the time as well as the required advice when dealing with new contracts and agreements and often the enthusiasm of starting a new project results in these not fully covering all the necessary requirements.

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