Asia Present and Future

Putting it altogether through master planning

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Asia Present and Future-Putting it altogether through master planning The magical whispering winds, clear waters, fresh breezes, enticing landscapes and natural beauty of Southeast Asia have been and continue to be a calling card to the Asian Theater. The mystical attraction, allure and seductiveness of the waterfront have captivated mankind throughout the ages. Southeast Asia is coming alive with the desire to develop waterfront complexes. For the developer, this presents tremendous opportunities and challenges. Unlike many areas of the world, the opportunities for governments and/or developers (acting on their own or in some type of partnership) are vast. Also unlike many areas of the world that have taken decades to develop their waterfronts with one small step at a time, Southeast Asia has the opportunity and seems bent on bypassing many of the beginning and intermediate steps, undertaking massive waterfront developments at one time. If one can learn from the mistakes of others in the past, the potential is endless for the future. The stakes are great, though the potential returns are even greater.

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