ICOMIA to produce Global Boat Sales Statistics


This decision follows a detailed feasibility study carried out by Arlene Sloan Baxter of UK-based Baxter & Associates. Her report was discussed widely at ICOMIA’s recent Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden where a decision was made to proceed with the project. The study, which included consultation with key builders from 12 countries, concluded that boat manufacturers are acutely aware of the need for quality market information and strongly supported the need to work together to overcome some of the traditional obstacles to generating better industry numbers. Baxter’s report also concluded there are currently no other existing sources for aggregated boat sales by country except for boat builders’ own market research efforts. ICOMIA’s new proposed statistics program is intended to address shortcomings in existing industry sources and provide data of genuine value to boat builders: – at an appropriate level of detail to be meaningful – on a timely basis – with greater analytic flexibility; and – with appropriate measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of manufacturer’s data. Consisting of primary data submitted directly by boat builders throughout the world, key reporting figures will include the type of boat, country of sale, number of units and wholesale value. The collated results will then be made available to participating companies on-line, with dynamic reporting and drill-down analytical capabilities. Reporting will initially be limited to rigid powerboat and sailboat categories only. The addition of other boat categories is anticipated over time.