ICOMIA Ceramic Coating Treatment: Yacht Industry Guideline


ICOMIA has produced a Ceramic Coating Yacht Industry Guideline as a result of our work with leading ceramic coating manufacturers, paint manufacturers, independent coating inspectors, coating supervisors and surveyors, aiming to provide objective industry guidance on ceramic use on large yachts.The yacht market has identified the need for an industry guidance document detailing key areas of information and considerations when using ceramic coatings or treatments on large yachts. This document is not exhaustive but attempts to provide general guidance on application and warranty considerations, relevant information on in-service expectations and maintenance and most importantly proper guidance on the effective and safe removal of ceramic coating systems, including how to actively test a surface for complete ceramic removal prior to repainting.The industry is presented with significant challenges, primarily related to the use of non-compatible products either due to unawareness of existing coatings or cost-cutting using chemicals other than recommended by the original manufacturer. The guide aims to provide best practice and act as a reference for ongoing applications, service, identification and removal of ceramic coating in the yacht industry.Click here to download the ICOMIA Ceramic Coating Guideline from ICOMIA library. For more info on ICOMIA visit www.icomia.org