Boat Fuel Consumption Measurement Standard published


ICOMIA has published a Technical Standard Boat Fuel Consumption Measurement. The standard offers a measurement method and a tool to help boat builders provide information for consumers on using their boats in the most fuel efficient way.
The Standard takes a series of measurements on completed boats, from idle to full speed, to determine fuel consumption across the full range of the boats’ expected operation. An informative annex also proposes a graphical way of portraying optimal operation of a boat to achieve best fuel efficiency. The standard has been developed by ICOMIA and technical marine engine experts in consultation with national boat builders to meet the growing political pressure of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
“We noted measurement of fuel consumption is common, both by boat builders and consumer magazines, so we are now introducing a standard method where there previously has been none,” said Udo Kleinitz, ICOMIA Technical Manager.
The standard can now be downloaded for free from the ICOMIA Online Library.