2009 Boating Industry Statistics Book Out Now


The latest annual statistics book from ICOMIA is now available, providing the recreational marine industry with the only reliable global boating statistics on the market.

The newest edition of ICOMIA’s statistics book represents information from 23 major marine leisure markets in the world, estimated to represent over 90% of the global business in the sector.

Data has been collated in standard format for ease of cross-reference and comparison. Also included are specific detailed national reports from 23 countries, trade data for 35 countries, Super Yacht Statistics reproduced courtesy of Show Boats International/Boat International Media and engine sales statistics. The statistics are based on information from 2009.

New for this year are Trend Line graphs showing boat production and out-board engine sales over the past 7 years for Finland, Japan, New Zealand and USA.

Over the years ICOMIA has continued to improve the process of gathering statistics in a fragmented and diversified industry that mainly is composed of small companies. The resulting information is used extensively within the industry and as a reference by those on the fringe, interested in investing or needing to work with the sector.

Today ICOMIA’s annual statistics are widely acknowledged as the only authoritative and reliable source of information available on the worldwide recreational boating industry.