Secure Energy Supplies for the Future

Paper given at Conference on Synthetic Fuels Speech 06/150

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The reason why a European Energy Policy is needed is because secure and affordable supplies can no longer be taken for granted. Increased import dependence, higher energy prices and environmental constraints are issues of the utmost importance to all Member-states and therefore an European response is logical. The need for an integrated energy approach was recognised by the European Council last year and I am proud to announce that a coherent strategy paper on Secure, Competitive and Sustainable Energy for Europe will be presented this week. The three main objectives of an European energy policy are mentioned in the title of strategy. – The security of supply focussing on improvement of the EU’s energy situation. – Ensuring that European energy policies are competitive and bring benefits to the economy and the consumers. – Thirdly the sustainability includes the reduction of the environmental impact of energy production and use in the EU. These core objectives will require measures on the supply side and the demand side of the energy market, both to reduce energy use and to develop new energy sources and diversify the mix of energy supply.

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