World focused on Asia’s boating infrastructure


From 10 to12 May, the world’s marina and boating business leaders focused their attention on Asia. The occasion was the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference at the Raffles City Convention Centre which was hosted by the Singapore Boating Industry Association.
Facilities and infrastructure are a priority in developing markets, without which boats will be a hard sell. Getting marinas designed, built and managed according to best practise standards are key to customer retention and market growth. This recognition has led ICOMIA to bring this seventh edition of the conference to Asia for the first time. With twin tracks focused on management, marina planning and design, the conference drew both marina managers and developers. A CMM (Certified Marina Manager) breakfast roundtable was held on the sidelines of the conference.
As market data is hard to come by in Asia, the conference offered a great opportunity to gather market information and network with key players in the Asian markets. The industry in Asia is only beginning to get organised, with trade associations that are ICOMIA members in the Middle East, India, China, and Japan. The conference hoped to enlarge ICOMIA’s footprint in Asia and act as a catalyst for more countries to become organised.
The ICOMIA World Marina Conference is a triennial event. Singapore joined Amsterdam, Genoa, Fort Lauderdale, Sydney, San Diego and Oostende as host cities which have hosted previous editions of the conference.
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