Taiwan Yacht Industry Association Joins ICOMIA


The Taiwan Yacht Industry Association (TYIA) has been approved as a full member of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA).

The decision was made at the ICOMIA Executive Committee meeting on 12 January 2012. TYIA was established in 1983 with the goal of raising global recognition of Taiwan-built luxury motor yachts and sailboats.

Led by Chairman Mr John Lu, TYIA has been instrumental in successfully leading Taiwan into becoming one of Asia’s largest yacht manufacturing nations.

TYIA’s membership comprises 39 yacht builders and 42 yacht related equipment/material suppliers. By integrating members’ resources and strengths, TYIA continues to benefit the entire industry and all its members.
Tony Rice, ICOMIA Secretary General, states “I am delighted we have another Asian member of ICOMIA and we look forward to working with the Taiwan Yacht Industry Association and its members, supporting them as best we can”.

To meet the requirements of full membership in ICOMIA, applicants must be a national marine industry association and legally incorporated. After meeting the criteria, TYIA has joined the global ICOMIA family as its 5th Asian full member.