Marine Industry Association of South Africa (MIASA) Joins ICOMIA


The newly formed Marine Industry Association of South Africa (MIASA) has been approved as a full member of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA). The decision was made by the ICOMIA Executive Committee following MIASA’s first Annual General Meeting on Monday 12 March 2012.

Since 2008, the South African Boat Building Export (SABBEX) had been ICOMIA’s South African member. However after discussions between SABBEX, Boating Industry Association South Africa (BIASA) and Cape Town Boat Building Initiative (CTBi) it was decided that a national association was needed to unify the entire marine industry under one umbrella body; MIASA was formed in 2011 from an amalgamation of BIASA and CTBi. SABBEX continues to operate as a separate entity and is a close partner of MIASA, playing a vital role in the Association by taking care of the needs of its boat exporters and building the South African marketing brand internationally.

Led by Chairman Kevin Fouche and Interim CEO Vanessa Davidson, MIASA’s mission is to be relevant to its members and the boating industry at large, to identify and develop a market for South African products and to carry forward the national mandate of the Association.

In collaboration with SABBEX, MIASA is hosting the ICOMIA/IFBSO Congress in Cape Town, South Africa on 18 – 21 April 2012. The event consists of four days of marine industry committee meetings with joint and working sessions.

“I am very pleased that a national marineindustry association has been formed in South Africa, and I am delighted to welcome MIASA into ICOMIA membership. We look forward to working with MIASA and its members by supporting them facilitate the growth of their recreational marine industry. I am also grateful to SABBEX for its contribution to ICOMIA over the past four years” says Tony Rice, ICOMIA Secretary General.
To meet the requirements of full membership in ICOMIA, applicants must be a national marine industry association and legally incorporated. After meeting the criteria, MIASA has joined the global ICOMIA family as its 33rd full member.