ISO TC8/SC12 Large Yachts Plenary


The plenary meeting was held on 17 September. ISO TC8/SC12 has 7 active Standard development projects covering: Safety; Installation and Watertightness requirements for windows and portlights; Deck crane and access gangway strength requirements; Coatings Measurement and analysis of the visual appearance; Main and auxiliary machinery; Structural Fire protection for FRP yachts The meeting agreed a new default procedure allowing the WGs more time at preliminary stage to prepare a standard. Two new work items will be consulted soon within the industry on paint application process control and anchoring equipment. ISO 11336 Part 2 Windows and Portlights framing requirements is a new established work item. The convenor of the WG said the work needs more participation from Industry and expressed an invitation to Superyacht builders to join his project as experts.