International Council of Marine Industry Associations Welcomes TransEurope Marinas to its Marinas Group (IMG)


TransEurope Marinas, the largest marina group in Europe, has now joined the ICOMIA Marina Group (IMG). Originally created to help bolster smaller, independent and often family-run marinas, TransEurope Marinas is now a large association of select European marinas spanning 10 countries, with close to 40,000 berths worldwide. Member marinas offer reciprocal visitor discounts to their berth-holders in order to encourage cruising throughout a wide network of international destinations whilst benefiting from expertise sharing, which allows marinas to improve management practice and offer improved services to the boating community. Roberto Perocchio, IMG Chair said:

“We are pleased to welcome Transeurope Marinas, a successful European marina network, to the ICOMIA Marinas Group. Their interest in our global organisation is the proof that marina operators increasingly want to have very strong and permanent international links in order to face the challenges of a quickly changing market and to get inspiration for new and improved ideas, practices and regulations.”

The mission of the IMG is to improve the quality of the recreational boating experience through the development of marinas, yacht harbours, boatyards and small boat launching ramps. The Group was born out of ICOMIA’s recognition that ensuring boat owners have a safe and convenient place to berth, moor or launch their boat is vital to the future of the sport and industry. The IMG’s goals are to provide international leadership and a forum for information exchange; to allow networking and the formation of partnerships; and to educate government on the economic importance and environmental compatibility of recreational boating facilities.

TransEurope Marinas Chairman, Mr. Jean-Michel Gaigne (CMM) expressed his satisfaction with joining the ICOMIA Marinas Group: “TransEurope Marinas is an association for which I am very proud to hold the Chair. In today`s increasingly competitive age, the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing embodied by the group is both rare and encouraging. The opportunities offered by a body such as ICOMIA, which enable sector networking and industry growth, are very welcome. Many of our members participate actively in ICOMIA`s World Marina Conferences and IMG meetings and we appreciate the efforts made to further both the practice of boating and the profession of marina management.”

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