ICOMIA welcomes AsoNautica Colombia as a new member


The Nautical Association of Colombia, ASONAUTICA COLOMBIA, is an association that aims to represent, promote and defend the interests of navigational and cultural interests, tourism, recreational and sports industry in Colombia.
ASONAUTICA was conceived in February 2015 with the support of a number of local and international institutions and currently has 30 members from the private yachting industry and government.
The aim of the organisation is to enable growth and competitiveness in the Colombian marine industry; as well as to create and develop business opportunities and contribute to the strengthening of the nautical culture within the country, boosting activities such as marinas, yacht clubs, marinas, shipyards, distributors and dealers of boats, nautical tourism service providers, water sports, sailors, among others.
Further goals include:
* To raise awareness as to the importance of sailing when it comes to the sustainable development of the Colombian coast. * Conduct research, studies and the like, and propose solutions to marine-related problems; collect, analyze and distribute information related to the marine industry. * To promote and support the development projects of the marine industry. * Produce and support exhibition events and sports around the yachting industry. * Act as an advisory body to the State regarding the marine industry. * Join national or international organizations related to tourism and help coordinate their promotional events. * Organize courses, seminars, conferences or meetings at local, national or international level to stimulate the exchange of experiences and knowledge. * Act as Standardization Sector Unit of the activities of its members or accreditation bodies.
The categories of members ASONAUTICA are:
* Marinas, yacht clubs or marinas (installed, developed and developing marinas) * Shipyards, distributors and dealers of boats and nautical services providers * Suppliers of nautical tourism services and water sports: repair, maintenance, supplies, supplemental services, supply patterns or pilots, training and education, hotels, sports schools, restaurants, among others * Associate organisations: Navigators, sport, boat owners, promoters and fans of sailing
Member benefits:
* Representation and mediation with the government to support the rights of those in the nautical industry * Mediation assistance for member entities and bodies * Updated information on industry developments * Website with comprehensive and practical information on industry rules and regulations * Member card and associated certificate * Virtual Directory * Discounts associated with the use of current license * Discounts on training events * Nautical Newsletter
In March 2015 ASONAUTICA participated in it’s first event as the representative of the marine industry of Colombia: Cartagena International Boat Show, which took place on 21- 23 March at the Convention Center of Cartagena de Indias.
Congratulations to you for all your hard work in the establishment of this new marine industry association and we look forward to working with you in the future.
For more information see: www.asonauticacolombia.com
Twitter: @AsoNauticaCol