ICOMIA Technical File Generator Wins at IBEX Innovation Awards


Announced on 19 September at the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX), the ICOMIA Technical File Generator won the 2017 Innovation Awards in ‘Boatbuilding Methods & Materials’.

A unique software package, the ICOMIA Technical File Generator (ICOMIA TFG) simplifies the entire process of creating and managing compliance documentation required by the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD).

Developed by leading CE-marking consultancy, CEproof in partnership with the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA), the TFG is a low cost, web based, easy-to-use tool for tackling the complexities of RCD compliance.

After a yearlong transitional period where both old and new RCD were applicable, on 18 January 2017 the new RCD (2013/53/EU) concerning recreational craft and personal watercraft came into effect.

This means that technical documentation relevant to the assessment of the craft – known as the Technical Construction File – must be readily available and contain a detailed description of the craft and all its systems. Plus, as many ISO standards have been updated to reflect the new RCD, the Files of all existing boats and products must also be updated. This creates a sizeable administrative burden on the industry, which the new one-of-a-kind ICOMIA TFG can ease.

Users simply enter the key statistics of the craft into the software and instantly obtain a list of all applicable standards as well as the detailed requirements of each of these standards. The ICOMIA TFG will also carry out complicated calculations required for stability and buoyancy as well as allow users to upload external information, for example Declarations of Conformity from suppliers for steering and bilge pump components. The software then generates a bespoke Technical Construction File for each craft, providing only information relevant to that individual craft.

This reduces an unknown quantity of complex standards to a tailored list of specific requirements and technical details, allowing users to navigate compliance quickly and efficiently.

Craig Morris, Managing Director of CEproof was delighted with the outcome of the awards:
“We knew that we had a great product, that would help every boat builder achieve compliance to the RCD and, by having comprehensive technical documentation, reduce their liability – however, when we saw the competition that we were up against we did not, for one second believe that we would win an award. We are delighted and proud of everyone involved from our company”

Going by this industry recognition, the ICOMIA TFG is set to become the industry standard for a Technical Construction File – saving the boatbuilder time and money.

To mark this momentous success, CEproof and ICOMIA are offering a 10%-discount to subscribers until 30 November 2017.
To access the ICOMIA TFG visit www.icomia.tech or contact info@icomia.com for more information