ICOMIA’s 1st International Hybrid Marine Propulsion Conference


In the first conference of its kind, ICOMIA will report all aspects of hybrid marine propulsion systems in detail. The 1st ICOMIA International Hybrid Marine Propulsion Conference is to be held immediately prior to METS on Monday 14 November 2011. The conference will review the technical issues surrounding the design and implementation of marine hybrids and provide objective data on their advantages and disadvantages. It will draw heavily on new information from the EU-funded HYMAR project.
The marine industry still has much to learn about these technologies and the HYMAR team has tackled the challenge by taking a systems approach. From energy generation and storage, right through to propulsion motors, propellers and control systems, HYMAR has reviewed all of the critical elements.
Historically, one of the major issues has been integrating the broad array of technologies necessary to produce a complete system. To achieve this holistic view, HYMAR has brought together nine partners from across the EU with all of the skills necessary to develop, not just the specialist components, but also the underlying systems architecture and control system.
The presentations will be of interest to anyone considering investing in hybrids including boat builders, equipment suppliers, systems integrators and naval architects.
Speakers include Malo Yachts, Mastervolt, Steyr Motors, J&J Marine, Homewood Products, Bruntons, INSEAN, Triskel Marine and ICOMIA. Mr Jean-Jacques Woeldgen from the European Commission will present the EU policy context.
Nigel Calder, Technical Director of HYMAR said:
“HYMAR’s analysis of hybrid systems cuts through misinformation in the marketplace to define the challenges and opportunities created by this emerging technology. This conference is a great opportunity to discuss its future direction”
For more information and to register, please visit www.hymar.org/conference