ICOMIA publishes latest recreational boating industry statistics


ICOMIA has released the latest edition of its Recreational Boating Industry Statistics. The trade association’s membership is estimated to represent more than 80% of the world’s leisure boating business, making ICOMIA well positioned to provide an international compilation of data covering the industry’s diversified and varied segments. ICOMIA’s statistics are used extensively within the industry, especially by those interested in investing or seeking to work within certain sectors.

Highlights this year include a new entry from our newest marine industry association member, the Sri Lankan Boat Building Technology Improvement Institute. Plus, a new special report on the state of Australia’s marine export and superyacht industries, courtesy of our member, the Australian International Marine Export Group.

As usual the Book includes detailed market analysis on the industry’s largest market countries, global summaries of key product segments from 24 countries, export/import data for international trade in boats from 41 countries, marine engine statistics from ICOMIA’s Marine Engine Committee plus international Boat Show statistics and the Superyacht Group’s Annual Report.

In order to assist those carrying out more detailed research ICOMIA is offering subscribers the raw-data Excel spreadsheets. Plus, a free 12-month subscription of the ICOMIA Quarterly Economic Statistics Report, which contains quarterly information on global economic development such as the Producer Price Index and the Big Mac Index – as well as data, where possible, on emerging markets such as Brunei, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

* 2017 global data snapshot * Detailed national reports on the industry’s largest market countries * Global summaries of key product segments from 24 countries * Export/import data for international trade in boats from 41 countries * Marine engine statistics from ICOMIA’s Marine Engine Committee (IMEC) * International Boat Show statistics (courtesy of the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers) * The 2017 Superyacht Annual Report (courtesy of The Superyacht Group) * Industry articles selected by IBI Magazine

ICOMIA members and their members receive a 50%-discount. To order your electronic copy click here or view sample pages click here