ICOMIA publishes Guide to Waste Management


The management and disposal of waste products is perhaps one of the most significant environmental concerns for industrial enterprises. All marine companies produce some form of waste, for example waste paper from offices, waste gases, solvents and residues from the use of chemicals, or trade effluent from the manufacturing process. This new ICOMIA Guide provides advice on their management, storage and disposal. Much of the Guide is directly copied from the latest version of the BMF Environmental Code of Practice (www.ecop.org.uk) with a few modifications such as excluding references to UK regulations. Likewise the AMIF have kindly provided information like the Australian “Draft Code of Practice for Vessel and Facility Management: Marine and Inland Waters” and, still as another example, the “Guide on Hazardous Waste Management for Florida’s Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacturers” provided by the NMMA is amongst several informative papers from the US that have contributed to it.