ICOMIA publishes Global Conformity Guidelines for Standards: Fuel Systems (Revised) and Powering


ICOMIA has now published its fifth Global Conformity Guideline for construction standards. The purpose of the guidelines is to assist boat builders who comply with either ABYC or ISO, but are looking to start exporting to countries using the opposite system. The additional requirements are listed in two annexes. Guideline Number 5 covers Powering. The previously launched Fuel System Guideline has been revised and re-uploaded.
This initiative has involved ABYC, BMF, NMMA, IMCI and ICOMIA. Differences with other national standards will also be addressed in due course. Next project will look into Ventilation Systems and Portable Fuel Systems, and compare Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupters (ELCI) to Residual Current Devices (RCD). In due course ICOMIA hopes to resolve the differences between the standards and achieve one global technical specification.