ICOMIA Publishes Fourth Edition of Global Environmental Legislation Guide


ICOMIA, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations, has published the fourth edition of its Global Environmental Legislation Guide.

The Guide is updated regularly to provide readers with the very latest environmental information from the recreational boating industry and is available in the ICOMIA Online Library. The fourth edition of the guide features the latest environmental legislation available as of August 2012, with additions/amendments highlighted in red. The Guide is divided into the following regions and/or continents and international organisations:

I. Australia/Asia II. EU III. US IV. International organisations: IMO and ISO V. UN convention on biological diversity VI. International rules related to “styrene” VII. International approach regarding noise/sound and underwater noise

Members of ICOMIA, and their members, have free access to the ICOMIA Global Environmental Legislation Guide as a part of their membership. The Guide is available to non-members as a 12-month subscription for EU300.

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