ICOMIA launches Simplified Scantlings Calculator Method


ICOMIA, supported by the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI), has launched a scantlings calculator which uses a series of easy-to-use spreadsheets in order to provide a calculation method to help and encourage builders to comply with ISO (Small Craft) Scantling standard 12215 Part 5.
Particularly used for the EU Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) compliance, builders face a number of challenges when self-assessing scantlings for craft of hull length less than 12-meters in all design categories. In order to comply with RCD requirements, builders use the ‘Harmonised Standard’ which provides the ‘Presumption of Conformity’, however the complex nature of these documents often force them into to hiring a consultant or seeking a way to bypass the proof of compliance with the RCD.
In response to these issues, ICOMIA’s Technical Committee initiated a study (sponsored by IMCI), and upon approval from ISO, commissioned Southampton Solent University to develop a series of Excel spreadsheets designed to be used in conjunction with the ISO standard and specifically for use by self-certifying builders for whom 12215 Part 5 may be too daunting or time consuming.
The development team has produced six modules which cover most of the scope of Part 5 (less wood); with an emphasis on simplified data entry (these modules may be found on the ISO website if the builder has a legal copy of the standard).

A seventh spreadsheet, ‘Core Helper’, provides a link between a number of common trade name cores and the modules all have a similar flow path, leading to a report which can go into the builder’s technical file.
Tony Rice, ICOMIA’s Secretary General, said:

“I believe this calculator will be of significant benefit to boat builders, particularly those currently self-certifying under the EU’s RCD. I congratulate Dr. Robin Loscombe of Southampton Solent University for his excellent work and express my gratitude to IMCI whose financial support made this possible.”
The ‘Scantlings Calculator’ can be accessed for free to legitimate owners of Part 5 at www.icomia.org. For more information please contact info@icomia.com