Fact Sheet on NMMA Certification


Do all NMMA boat manufacturing members have to be NMMA Certified? Yes, beginning model year 2007. Do you have to be an NMMA boat manufacturing member to be certified? No. NMMA Certification is open to all boat manufacturers regardless of their NMMA membership status. Are NMMA boat manufacturing members outside the U.S. required to be NMMA Certified? Yes. However, only models exported into the U.S. are required to be NMMA Certified. Are all boats exported to the U.S. required to become NMMA Certified? No. All boats entering the U.S. must be built to regulations set by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Only NMMA member boat manufacturers are required to be NMMA Certified. Who is responsible for the NMMA Certification process – Importers or Manufacturers? The manufacturer is typically responsible for becoming NMMA Certified, as many of the requirements can only be met at the manufacturing level. If the Importer is an NMMA member, they will lose their NMMA member status if the manufacturer chooses not to pursue Certification. What boat types are eligible for the NMMA Certification program? All boats are eligible. NMMA certifies all craft types including boats, yachts, inflatables, pontoons, kayaks and canoes. Are there inspectors available for overseas inspections? Yes. NMMA has inspectors located in the European Union to assist European manufacturers with NMMA Certification. Can boats built overseas be inspected once they reach the U.S.? Yes. NMMA can conduct the inspection in the U.S. once a boat arrives. However, to the manufacturer`s benefit, a more thorough inspection occurs when it is conducted on-site at the manufacturer’s location. Does CE Certification carry over for any NMMA requirements? No. Although there are similarities between ISO and ABYC standards, there are distinct differences that require separate tests or inspections for components and boats. Is NMMA Certification an annual process? Yes. All boat models require an annual inspection to coincide with any changes to ABYC standards. This is unlike CE Certified boats which only require a one time certification per boat model. Do you have to be NMMA Certified or an NMMA member to exhibit at NMMA consumer or trade shows? No. NMMA shows are open to all marine related companies. However, NMMA members often enjoy substantial savings on booth space rates. If you would like more information on the NMMA Certification program, please visit www.nmma.org/certification/ or contact Robert Newsome, Manager of Engineering Standards, directly at 312.946.6275/rnewsome@nmma.org. For details on the NMMA Membership program or to address any general association questions, please contact Bryan Welsh, Director of membership, at 312.946.6276/bwelsh@nmma.org. Together, making boating the #1 choice in recreation. www.NMMA.org