EuCIA reports on shocking news for the Composites Industry


European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) reports that India and Turkey imposed anti-dumping measure on glass fibre from China.

In India’s case the provisional measures are reaching levels of an astonishing 40. 86%. EuCIA sources also noted that Turkey’s users were critically affected. Turkey’s provisional measures were set at 38% which represents additional costs to the already 7% existing import duty. The results of these developments driven by producers are having serious effects for the composites industry worldwide and contribute to the growing uncertainties for the European users.

Following this unprecedented situation, the ongoing investigation of the European Commission on glass fibre products* from China (AD549) is still going on. As the voice of the European composites industry, EuCIA is strongly opposing any type of protectionist measures and these views have been expressed several times to the European officials.

Due to intensive pressure from the European industry and the prospect of negative effects for users already happening (e.g. shortage of glass fibre) on the market, no decision has been taken yet by the European officials on this case. Further on, EuCIA advocacy actions are focused at national level. The European industry called on EU 27 Member States to oppose any provisional measures which will most likely create social and economic disruptions at national level. An estimated number of 10.000 companies and 150.000 employees will be seriously affected by import duties on glass fibre products and the future looks even bleak for this sector.

Provisional measures are not imposed. EuCIA is now calling on all European glass fibre users to join forces on opposing import duties. Do contact your local/ national authorities and explain them the effects of import duties on your business and employment. Get in touch with your National Composites Association for further advice or contact EuCIA directly.

ICOMIA`s Comment:
The issue of the anti-dumping measures is that these tariffs are applied on dumped products and will feed through the supply chain, resulting in a likely increase in price. This will therefore impact on boatbuilders and other equipment suppliers using fibre glass products, resulting in over-all likely price increases to the consumer.

* Chopped glass fibre strands, fibre glass rovings, slivers and yarns of glass fibre filaments; and mats made of glass fibre filaments excluding mats of glass wool.