The Electric Boat Association Of Greece Joins ICOMIA As Its 46th Sustaining Member


The Electric Boat Association of Greece (EBA Greece), has been approved as a sustaining member of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA).

ICOMIA, the international trade association representing the global marine industry since 1966, brings together national marine industry associations and sustaining marine organisations; representing them at an international level and presenting a strong and united voice when dealing with issues challenging the industry.

No less than 36 national marine industry associations and 46 marine organisations from across the world are members of ICOMIA today – And include the vast majority of the industrialised countries from North America across to Japan and China and from Finland down to New Zealand.

Founded in 2016, EBA Greece is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the use and development of electrically driven and hybrid boats in Greece; serving the needs of all who have an interest in electric boating, boat owners and business members.

EBA Greece acts as the voice of the electric boat sector in discussions with the inland waterway authorities and government departments involved in legislation for issues such as waterway access, charging points, slipway facilities, reduced licence fees and the Boat Safety Scheme.

EBA Greece’s mission includes:

Encouraging, coordinating and supporting research or imports of technologies relating to electric boating
Supporting the efforts of Greek companies and organisations with an interest in electric boats and their associated technologies
Organising meetings, congresses, lectures and events relating to electric boating
Promoting the production of and publicising the results of research relating to electric technologies and activities
Acting as technical advisers to institutions and organisations looking to reduce boating pollution and explore electric boating

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