Italy – Taxation


VAT Rate is generally 22%. If a boat is purchased with a leasing contract VAT is lowered as follows: 6,6% Powerboats/Sailingboats Lh> 24m; 8,8% Sailingboats between 20.01m and 24m and Powerboats between 16.01m and 24m Lh; 11% Sailingboats between 10.01m and 20m and Powerboats between 12.01m and 16m Lh; 13,2% Sailingboats up to 10m Lh and Powerboats between 7.51m and 12m Lh; 19,8% Powerboats up to 7.50m m Lh; 22% Boats in category D. The Italian law provide exemption of VAT form commercial yacht registered in Italy engaged on charter contract. No usage tax. A tax for transfer of property is due in proportion to the length of the boat.


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