Sample Pages: 2019 Boating Industry Statistics Book

The 2019 ICOMIA Recreational Boating Industry Statistics Book, as the only product of its kind, provides a wealth of industry intelligence in one useful reference document. 

This year's book includes:

  • 2020 global data snapshot
  • Overview of the COVID-19 impact on the marine industry in various countries across the globe
  • Detailed national reports on the industry’s largest market countries 
  • Global summaries of key product segments from 25 countries
  • Export/import data for international trade in boats from 43 countries 
  • Marine engine statistics from ICOMIA’s Marine Engine Committee (IMEC) 
  • International Boat Show statistics (courtesy of the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers) 
  • The 2019 Superyacht Annual Report (courtesy of The Superyacht Group) 
  • Industry articles selected by IBI Magazine
  • Raw-data Excel spreadsheets to assist those carrying out more detailed research

The Sample Pages include: 

• Welcome 
• Contents summary 
• Meet ICOMIA 
• Section C: Explanatory Notes 
• Detailed National Data: Estonia & Germany 
• Section D: Outboard And Personal Watercraft Statistics Explanatory Notes

Tuesday November 17, 2020 Europe/London

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