Online Equipment Distributor Database - now available

Online Equipment Distributor Database - now available

A database of worldwide equipment distributors is now available for download in the ICOMIA Online Library. Members of ICOMIA, or a member of an ICOMIA member, have free access to this valuable database as a part of their membership.

The Online Equipment Distributors Database lists general multi brand wholesalers within the boat equipment industry and can be a helpful resource for instigating international collaborations.

Please note that this online database is a living document and will be updated continuously as more information is received and added.

The thirteenth edition of the Online Equipment Distributors Database now contains information from the Czech Republic, Finland, Netherlands, France, Germany (DSBV), Norway, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Italy, China, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and USA/Canada

If you wish to add your national wholesalers to the Online Equipment Distributors Database, please contact ICOMIA's Communications Manager Barbara Fountoukos.