ICOMIA Marina Taxation Policy Paper

The benefits yacht harbours and marinas bring to the local economy are well documented. Marinas provide essential access by the public to and into the water and provide essential in-water and upland boat storage and associated infrastructure and amenities. They create employment, economic activity, support tourism in the communities surrounding their location and contribute to the aesthetic and social aspects of their communities. They improve the quality of living, diversify touristic activities, reduce seasonality in many areas and provide a direct experience of the marine environment, boost environmental awareness and the circular economy.

VAT and Tourism Tax are two of the taxes that are applicable to most marinas. Unfortunately, there is a huge disparity in value when compared with other tourism services such as hotels or campsites and also there is a big difference in the tax value when comparing one country to another.

Unquestionably essential for nautical tourism and tourism in general, marinas should be treated in the same way as hotels and other tourism accommodation. It is therefore urgent that VAT and tourism taxes are addressed by countries in a way that the market is fair and levelled between countries and also in a way that they can be an activator and stimulator of healthy sustainable tourism.

Wednesday January 19, 2022 Europe/London
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