Exhaust Gas and Noise Emissions of Motor Boats

Basis for the Update of the European Union Directive for the Limitation of the Emissions of Motor Boats

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The scope of the project was to enlarge the existing data basis of noise and exhaust emissions for recreational craft engines according to EN ISO 14509 and EN ISO 8178. Therefore a representative selection of recreational craft engines was tested. The recreational craft directive 94/25/EC as last amended by the directive 2003/44/EC was considered as the reference for the entire programme. The engines to be tested had been chosen according to sales figures for the years 1998 to 2001 for the Federal Republic of Germany. The specific emissions of CO, HC and NOx were determined and for a selected range of spark-ignition engines the PM emissions were also measured. On five engines the exhaust gas components emitted into the water of the engine operating tank were determined using special chemical analysis. With reference to the limits given in directive 94/25/EC (2003/44/EC), diesel as well as inboard four-stroke petrol-engines can be seen as uncritical. Depending on their adjustment some four-stroke outboard engines exceeded the CO-limit. With respect to two-stroke engines only state of the art concepts with modern direct-injection meet the given emission limits. The water analysis results display different water pollutants between two-stroke and four-stroke spark-ignition engines. The interpretation of the results proves to be difficult. Looking at all engines only one exceeded the future noise limits.

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