Global Conformity Guidelines

Due to demand from the small craft industry an initiative was started in 2008 with the help of various sponsors to harmonise the approach of ISO and ABYC Standards (including others such as the Canadian Standards).    

The objective of this Standards Harmonization Initiative was to achieve one globally accepted specification for use by all stakeholders by identifying the applicable standards and/or regulations which affect stakeholders and prioritizing the standards or ‘topics’ to be addressed.    

Meaningful differences within the ISO and ABYC Standards have been tabulated and published as the ICOMIA Global Conformity Guidelines. These have proved to be invaluable for boat builders attaining conformity in the USA and European markets.    

During 2022 and early 2023 all nine existing topics have been reviewed and the additional requirements amended to include the latest editions of both standards. We would like to thank the sponsors, NMMA, ABYC, British Marine, Finnboat and IMCI for their help with these.      

(1.) Fuel Systems Ed 6.  

(2.) LPG Systems Ed 5.  

(3.) Electrical Systems Ed 5.  

(4.) Windows, Portlights & Hatches Ed 3. 

(5.) Powering Ed 4.  

(6.) Man Overboard Prevention Ed 3.  

(7.) Capacity Label Ed 4.  

(8.) Ventilation Ed 3.  

(9.) Field of Vision Ed 3.    

Important Note: The creators of these documents assume the users’ familiarity with either the ABYC or ISO standards.   These documents neither replace nor guarantee compliance to either the ABYC or ISO standards.    

Proposals for additional topics or standards to be considered as well as any queries can be emailed to 

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