2021 Quarterly Economic Statistics Report - Q1-Q4

This report contains quarterly information on economic development, such as inflation rates, gross domestic product growth, car registrations, producer prices, and consumer confidence, in 44 countries across the world. As a benefit of your ICOMIA membership, you have access to this report for free. 

The ICOMIA Quarterly Economic Statistics Report is updated every three months. For each country data from the last 12 quarters are provided. Please note that some categories have changed over the years, so please take extra care when comparing data. We strongly encourage users to read the notes that accompany each country’s statistics, where you can find information on indices and sources used. 

The latest data provided is: 

  • Q1: January – March (2021)
  • Q2: April - June (2021)
  • Q3: July - September (2021)
  • Q4: October - December (2021)
Wednesday March 23, 2022 Europe/London
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