The Technical File Generator (TFG) can be found at and is an essential tool for boatbuilders, which ICOMIA endorses as a uniquely simplified and cost-effective resource for the creation of technical files. It is the first online tool that allows you to record clear evidence for every clause of the majority of harmonised standards with which the boat complies. It also generates a Declaration of Conformity that accurately attests the details of the boat’s compliance to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). 

Throughout the world, a technical file generated by TFG, which uses ISO standards as its basis, provides you with peace of mind that should any liability issues arise, you have evidence to back up your claims of product safety and compliance. Manufacturers product safety risk assessments are often an obstacle to RCD compliance but the Technical File Generator makes it simple. In the EU, a technical file is essential to prove compliance with RCD. For more information on why you need a technical file, watch this short video. The TFG is straightforward to use, at it filters out irrelevant standards and presents you with only the questions you need to answer.

ICOMIA endorse TFG as a uniquely low-cost product which is available online, eliminating the need for costly software. Previously Rulefinder was a pre-requisite of TFG, however, this has now been scrapped, lowering the cost even further.