ICOMIA Standard 46-98

Sound Level Measurement Procedures for Recreational Craft per Directive 94/25/EC

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The Emissions Amendment to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) requires that recreational craft comply with the maximum permissible sound pressure levels as specified in Annex 1.2 of the Directive when measured in accordance with ISO 14509. However the referenced measurement standard, ISO 14509, describes tests to determine the A-weighted sound exposure level, LAE, the duty cycle pass-by sound exposure level, LDCE, the maximum duty cycle pass-by sound pressure level, LDCmax and the maximum AS-weighted sound pressure level, LpASmax. Consequently, manufacturers seeking to confirm that their products comply with the proposed amendment have need for a short form ISO 14509 that describes only those sound level measurements required to demonstrate compliance. ICOMIA Standard 46/98 provides details for a Mode 5-only version of ISO 14509 that are required by the Emissions Amendment to the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC. The measurements performed under ICOMIA 46/98 are identical in all respects with the maximum AS-weighted Mode 5 pass-by sound pressure level measurements prescribed under ISO 14509. Consequently, ICOMIA 46/98 can be correctly identified as a short form version of ISO 14509.

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