6th Environmental Action Programme

Views from the European Environmental Advisory Councils (EEAC)

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The European Environmental Advisory Councils welcome the opportunity to contribute on the preparation of the Sixth Environmental Action Programme (6EAP), in response to the Commission`s Communication Europe`s Environment: What Directions for the Future. Whilst the Fifth Environmental Action Programme (5EAP) has undoubtedly contributed to the integration of environmental issues into other sectors, progress toward the overall goals has not been sufficiently effective. There were successes on some environmental themes (air pollution, acidification, water quality, etc), but at the same time there was less success on other issues (climate change, landscape quality, species and habitats, etc.). This was accompanied by a huge implementation deficit. The 6EAP should therefore aim to take into account the key topics of the previous programmes, namely integration, implementation and the use of a range of instruments.

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