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Smart Waters is a cutting-edge Marina Management Software meticulously designed to empower marinas with enhanced control and autonomy over their digital operations. Our unified interface offers a comprehensive solution that enables teams to seamlessly manage the entire berth allocation workflow, with the flexibility to choose between manual or automated processes. Real-time visualization of berthing resources and accurate forecasting further streamline marina operations.

Crafted by industry experts, Smart Waters stands as a cloud-based, innovative marina management software tailor-made for marina operators. Our turnkey solution is thoughtfully engineered to cater to the diverse needs of any marina, ensuring efficient day-to-day management encompassing water planning, customer communication (CRM for emails and marketing), billing, accounting, and promotions of products and services to customers and boaters.

With Smart Waters, embrace the full digitization of your marina through a dedicated client portal accessible via the Web and App. Customers gain convenient access to their contracts, document uploads, order signatures, and more. Emphasizing versatility, our software allows for multi-marina management, enabling organizations to efficiently oversee multiple marinas or sites with consolidated ease.

To facilitate seamless connectivity, the system features a virtual connectivity panel that integrates the marina with all its connectable systems through APIs. From electrical terminals, pointing beacons, Wi-Fi, cameras, and access control to remote displays, car parking, bathymetry, drones, and online booking platforms—Smart Waters processes and utilizes raw data in the ERP and CRM to optimize operations comprehensively.

As a testament to our commitment to exceptional user experience, Smart Waters can be effortlessly managed through a Smart Phone or Tablet. Complementing our highly performant turnkey solution, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service and support through our dedicated 24/7 team. Your marina’s success is our priority, and Smart Waters is your trusted partner in achieving excellence in digital marina management.