Leisure Marine Association MENA (LMA MENA)

Full Member
Dubai Association Centre, Office TO1-FLO02-0201

Over the last ten years a group of active marine industry leaders have been working diligently behind the scenes to establish a marine industry association that brings together all stakeholders within the UAE and greater MENA region to speak with a united voice with the overall goal to bring about relevant positive change to the industry and the wider boating community. We are now proud to announce that the association has been established officially in Dubai under the name of “Leisure Marine Association, Middle East North Africa (LMA MENA)”  to promote, protect and advance the interests of its members and that of the leisure marine industry as a whole.

The association will look after the interests of its members such as marina operators, boat builders,  marine equipment suppliers, charter companies, service companies, and the like but also play its part to make the region an enjoyable place for boating, advocate safe boating practices, create environmental awareness and provide educational opportunities for boating enthusiasts and trade professionals. A particular interest of the association is to promote our region within the international community as a yachting destination.