Korea Marine Industry Association (KMIA)


The Korea Marine Industry Association (KMIA) was formally recognised by ICOMIA in 2024. 

72 members covering all sectors, including marinas, are supporting a rapidly growing domestic recreational boating market with an estimated boat park of over 90,000 regular users. Driven by recreational inshore fishing, the annual increase in boating activity is running at over 12,000 new participants measured by the compulsory boat driving licence scheme run by the Korean Police Authority. 

The 3 day Korea International Boat Show established in 2008 held during March is based in Seoul. Combined with recreational fishing and mobile homes, the show in 2024 had 62,552 visitors.  

Specialist equipment, engine and electronics manufacturers are actively engaged in export market activity. The growing emphasis on applications of home-grown technology has resulted in many innovative uses including the full International launch of driverless control systems for leisure boats. 

There is a well-established, government recognised boat technician training programme covering outboard and inboard engines, electrical installations and hull repairs.

Contact details:-  KMIA Board member and Vice President.

Mr Alec Y. Kim   E-mail : aykim@pretechco.com