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Rita Cardoso
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Although Portugal is renowned for a historical maritime navigation tradition that goes back to the 15th century, it was only in January 1989 that APICAN was established to advance the common interests of the Portuguese marine industry within the recreational boating business sector. APICAN, whose initials translate as "Marine Industry Association of Portugal", joined ICOMIA just over a year later. Recently APICAN joined ACAP, the motor vehicle association, which has more than 1.500 members, becoming the nautical branch of ACAP.  Today, it represents 39 members covering boat construction, trade, service and marine consultancy. Despite a relative shortage of boating facilities, Portugal has an abundance of beautiful coastal scenery with bays and picturesque river estuaries as well as quiet inland stretches of water surrounded by pleasant countryside. Taking advantage of such favourable conditions, APICAN`s primary concern is the promotion of safe and environmentally-friendly recreational boating. Apart from wishing to contribute to the economic, social and touristic development of the country`s coastal and interior regions, APICAN is dedicated to fostering a well-deserved prosperity for the industry it represents. It fights for the freedom of boating and against bureaucracy by maintaining a continuous dialogue with the national authorities, legislators, governmental and private institutions. It participates in international working groups dealing with boat construction standards and other related technical matters. The association also promotes professional tuition of recreational boating with financial support from the European Union. Through newsletters, seminars and other events, APICAN keeps its members informed about specific situations and legislation regarding boating, and helps them to face and solve problems affecting the boat industry in all its facets.  ACAP/APICAN also promotes a regular Boat Show at Lisbon that attracts thousands of visitors.