Japan Marine Industry Association – JMIA

Full Member
Satoru HONDA
10-12, 2-chome
Tokyo 1104-0028

Started as the Japan Boating Voluntary Organization in February 1962, the Japan Boating Industry Association (JBIA) was established in May 1970 for the purpose of promoting the healthy growth of the marine leisure and sports industries. Soon after, in June 1970, it was granted the status of a public service corporation by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), former Ministry of Transport (MOT) Government of Japan.

Since then, JBIA has been involved in various activities such as the popularization and promotion of boating, technological improvements in boats, improvement of the safety of boating, education and organizing boat shows.

In April 2013, the association name was changed to JAPAN MARINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION. Number of full members are 18 and associate members are 347 as of June 6th,2023.


Purpose and major activities

JMIA aims the purpose of the organization is to promote a sound growth of marine industry and then contribute to the public welfare. JMIA fulfills this mission with the following activities.

1. Expanding the marine market in Japan and abroad.
2. Organizing the boat shows and popularizing and promotion of boating.
3. Improving the technical issues relevant to boats.
4. To keep safety of boats and smooth utilization of boats.
5. Collecting and distributing information on marine industry.
6. Lobbying to the government agencies and other organizations to present specific opinions.
7. Secretariat of Boat of the year Japan to activate the marine industry.
8. Implementing other activities that are essential to attain the objectives of JMIA.

 Senior Officers

Chairman: Katsuaki Watanabe (Chairman, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.) 
Vice Chairman: Isami Hyuga (President,Tohatsu Co., Ltd.) 
Vice Chairman: Toshiro Maegaito (President, Yanmar Marine System Co., Ltd.) 
Senior Managing Director: Seiji Saeki