The Norwegian Marine Federation – NORBOAT

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Norway has centuries-long boatbuilding traditions and one of the world`s highest ratios of pleasure craft per capita. Norwegian boatbuilders and marine equipment manufacturers invest a great deal of effort in creating safe, high-quality products that comply with international standards. The Norwegian Marine Federation, NORBOAT, assists them in their efforts. It also represents all facets of the Norwegian pleasure boat industry domestically and internationally, from producers of luxury craft to service providers. NORBOAT provides its member companies with help in understanding and complying with domestic and international legislation, such as the EU directive for leisure boats. It also acts as an advocate for the industry in relation to national maritime authorities, lobbying for public policy changes that can encourage further industry growth. NORBOAT places great emphasis on international exposure of the Norwegian pleasure boat industry. It actively promotes Norwegian leisure craft and marine equipment abroad, encouraging and organizing joint participation in international trade fairs. At present NORBOAT has approximately 400 members, including boat and equipment manufacturers, designers, dealers, distributors, importers and exporters, brokers, rental outlets and repair shops. NORBOAT is an active member of the International Council of Marine Industries Association (ICOMIA). Based near London, ICOMIA establishes and nurtures contact with local, national and global maritime authorities on matters pertaining to the pleasure boat industry. It also participates in the development of industry standards. Norway is renowned within the industry for helping to establish rigorous safety requirements and for emphasizing environmental protection.